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What is the BOOT CAMP MODEL Program?

After 5 years of doing modeling portfolios and fashion shows with aspiring models, STUDIO C Photography Imaging quickly realized that nearly all of the models have two things in common:  A burning desire to "make it" in modeling, and no idea where to start. As photographers, we know that a top-notch portfolio is an absolute must, and we consistently provide that. But just having the images is not enough. The right tools, skills, and knowledge are also necessary, as well as a road map on how to get there and MAKE it happen, that is, WHAT TO DO AFTER THE PHOTOS.

After training with fashion photographer master Claudio Basso in NYC for nearly a year, and meeting many industry professionals, the concept of Boot Camp Models was formed. The idea is to be PROPERLY trained and primed in an intensely concentrated program, to get a full and PROPER portfolio created, with a little healthy competition (but no negativity!) thrown into the mix.

The goals are to make it AFFORDABLE, PROFESSIONAL, THOROUGH, and leave the participants ready to compete and succeed in this whirlwind industry. It's the jump start that you need prior to signing up with a modeling agency, and EVERYTHING you need to get work - NOW.

What can I expect from the program?

BOOT CAMP is 1 to 2 days of class (depending on class size), plus a Sunday afternoon several weeks later to go over the photos and tell you EXACTLY what to do to make it happen, and HOW TO DO IT. Instruction, personal evaluation, styling, wardrobe are provided in a fun, fast-paced, realistic fashion environment. Obviously, there will be several photo shoots, because one of the things that every participant will leave with is a FULL professional portfolio - and without pictures, it is impossible to Model. Training in how to walk, move, and pose will be provided by industry professionals. You'll learn how (and why!) to have a classy and professional internet presence, and how to present yourself to the world at large. There will be some simple Fashion assignments that you will complete on your own prior to the class, and an in-depth discussion on the Fashion Modeling world, what it is, and how to REALLY break into it.

BOOT CAMP sounds intense, is that how it will be?

Yes and no. The fact that there is much to learn and do in a short time makes for an intense program no doubt, and a certain element of frankness will be a part of your individual evaluations, but don't expect anything like you see on a certain TV show. :)  This is not about being ripped to shreds or having a cutthroat race to the finish line with your fellow students. Rather, this invaluable personal modeling reality training, with a chance to learn and a real road map to work, and vie for some great awards, AND A FULL INDUSTRY-GRADE FASHION PORTFOLIO.

Tell me about the BOOT CAMP competition and awards.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants, depending on the session.  A final review of every participant's portfolio and an overall evaluation will determine awards, referral to our favorite Agency in New York, and more.

Will there be any other opportunities?

Yes. Every participant will be on our call-list for the many retail fashion shoots and fashion shows that STUDIO C regularly has available and featured in our upcoming NEW website, which will include a listing of the models and their info, so they can get calls! In other words, REAL WORK is on your future agenda.

What is the agenda for the camp? 

Sessions start Saturday 9 am sharp and goes until 5 - 6 pm; we only have class on Sunday if we have more than 6 participants, and Sunday the hours are 12 to 4 PM.

On a separate Sunday a few weeks later, after the images are edited, we will go over in great detail our Modeling Game Plan, which tells you how to really get work and how to really get going now. This is the road map you need. It's easy to get a Portfolio - but then what? WE SET YOU ON THE GROUND RUNNING.

Where will BOOT CAMP be held?

Most sessions, shoots, and classes, will be at our Frederick Studio location, in the Spring Ridge Professional Park. Frederick is 45 minutes from Baltimore and 50 minutes from DC. Photo shoots will be in the Studio and on location within short walking distance of the Studio.

Are there age or height requirements? Is experience required?

In modeling, there is a place for every face, and fashion for every body. We have worked with a number of models who are very short, for example, but absolutely beautiful, who go on to do product or beauty (such as cosmetic) work. Plus size modeling opportunities abound. BOOT CAMP is your opportunity to find out how to hit the ground running and create a stunning portfolio, which is what - at least in large part - will be your calling card in the business. BOOT CAMP Models must be 12 years old as of the session start date, and no older than 21, although we do make case-by-case exceptions. There are no height requirements for BOOT CAMP, although if you want to be a Runway model (Runway accounts for less than 5% of all modeling jobs), you will need a certain degree of height to be successful, 5'6" and above. No experience is necessary. Right now, our students are about 95% inexperienced, and a few have some limited experience. Don't worry - BOOT CAMP is ideally formatted to benefit every single participant regardless of experience level.

How do I register for BOOT CAMP, and what are the fees?

Go to the CONTACT / REGISTER page and fill out the form there. In the comments section, tell us a little about yourself (age, goals, experience if any, etc.) We will them contact you to confirm and complete your registration. Checks are accepted; or credit cards over the phone. The fee is $699, with $100 OFF if you register early. PLEASE NOTE that the cost of Boot Camp is only $200 more than the cost of our Full Portfolio service, and you DO receive a full portfolio.

When will there be other BOOT CAMPS? 

We plan 3 - 6 per year. If you choose to attend a second camp, you may do so at a 30% discount. Refer a friend who books, and receive $200 off the regular tuition.

What do I do now?

Call 240.446.6085, OR email us at, OR fill out the form on the CONTACT / REGISTER page and send it in. THERE ARE ONLY 10 SLOTS! 



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